Our Focus

Hiro Capital invests in European and UK innovators in the Games, Esports and Digital Sports space.

We invest both in front-end Game Content creators and also in back-end Game & Sports Platform, Technology and Service innovators. 

We back experienced entrepreneurial teams, building innovative Games & Sports companies with a strongly differentiated proposition and with the scaling opportunity to become very large.  


We define the Games industry broadly, and we look at companies in the following subsectors

  • PC and Console Games
  • Mobile Casual Games 
  • Hyper Casual and Social Mobile Game Communities
  • Esports and Game Streaming
  • Digital Sports
  • Technology Platforms and Digital Services disrupting the above


Technologies and differentiators that interest us in the space include:

  • Social network innovations
  • Currency, game fintech and monetisation innovations 
  • Cloud, big data, machine learning and Game Cloud Streaming
  • Internet of things and Games/Sports wearables
  • Augmented reality and game VR


And most importantly

  • Great games with great game play mechanics 

We are Games and Sports investors who are also Games and Sports entrepreneurs. We invest in like-minded and innovative entrepreneurs.


Our Principles & ESG

Force for Good: we believe that games, sports and technology can be a general force for good. We do not invest in toxic or addictive content. We invest in new technology that is positive.

Learning: the playing of games and sports serves an evolutionary purpose: allowing humans to model and practice for reality. We look for creators making fun, innovative, challenging games.

Creative Community: many games and sports allow people to come together to have constructive and good humoured fun. We look for those platforms.

Inclusiveness: the Hiro team is mixed in gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, education and age. We have family who are differently abled. We are strongly inclusive and we like teams, tech & games with an open, hybrid mix.

Environmental Impact: we will consider the environmental impact of technologies we may invest in.

Digital to Real World Convergence: we are active sports players / fans as well as games players. We love the real world as well as the digital. We like tech that brings these worlds together and gets people up and out of their bedrooms.

Honourable: we aim to be good people and we like to work with and invest in good people.

Core Thesis: Games, Esports, Dsports will be a central pillar of Entertainment, Economic and Social Life in the mid 21st century. We invest in innovators who are building that future.