Hiro Capital invests in UK, European and North American innovators in Videogames, Esports, Streaming and Digital Sports.

We invest in technology founders and game creators who are building the future.

We believe that Games and Games technologies will be at the heart of next generation human societies. For us, play is deep.

We are battle-scarred entrepreneurs who back next generation entrepreneurs. We have founded games and technology disruptors worth billions of dollars. We have led companies from startups to IPO in London and New York. We are gamers and sports nerds. We love games, stories, characters and deep tech.

Hiro Capital is so-named for the hero you become when you play a game or sport; the hero you are, when you found and build a company; and because we are inspired by Hiro Protagonist, lead character in Neil Stephenson’s Snowcrash, a hacker gamer human who codes the Metaverse and saves the world against the odds.

We invest both in front-end Game Content creators and also in back-end Game Technology and Service innovators.

We back experienced entrepreneurial teams, building innovative companies with a strongly differentiated proposition and with the scaling opportunity to become very large.

We Believe That Games, Esports, Digital Sports And Their Technologies Are A Core Eco-system For Storytelling, Entertainment, Economic And Social Life In The 21st Century.
We Invest In The Innovators Who Are Building That Future.



“We have spent the last few years speaking with a wide variety of investors. In these conversations we inevitably discuss the value that Polyarc is building as a studio. Ultimately, we believe the greatest long-term value that we build as a game company is our intellectual property. Our characters and worlds represent an emotional connection with our players that can last a lifetime. Hiro was one of the few among those investors with a very real appreciation for this long view. As accomplished operators and creators in their own right, they deeply understood and shared our vision of building a creative studio designed expressly to reach the hearts and imagination of its fans.”

– Tam Armstrong, CEO and Polyarc Management

“Hiro has been instrumental in helping us ask the right questions as we approach our growth phase, helping both with identifying macro market trends that they see as investors, as well as being a sounding board when we’ve needed them to think through new ideas and evaluate existing projects. My personal (human) highlight is having Luke, the partner on our board, Spike, their board observer, and Alistair, their technology director engaging deeply, often and in areas that aren’t always pertinent to the day to day of running the business. The support we get from them as people has been incredible; we’re happy to call them friends, partners and investors and couldn’t ask for better team members.”

– AJ Shewki, CEO

“Hiro’s team have not only helped us with funding, but they have shown guidance and expertise in helping us refine marketing, preserve cash and create a rock solid business plan. In addition, their passion and commitment to our product is unfaltering which helps us stay focused on executing our business plans. The Hiro team helped us understand the true value of our data, its potential and refined our strategy to maximise the monetisation of it.”

– Jason Roberts, CEO and Nurvv Management

It’s great working with Hiro as the Partners are all entrepreneurs who have extremely relatable and beneficial experience. From day one they have felt like members of the team but not in an overbearing or controlling sense. They share their networks and knowledge; provide access to subject experts that are directly relevant to our business; and they offer advice so that we can benefit from their experience from scaling their prior companies.”

– Sam Cole, CEO

“As first time business owners, the value we get from Hiro has far outstretched the funding we received. We feel that we have an intimate relationship with Cherry along with Ian and Luke, and can be honest and open about our aspirations and low-level logistics. They’ve advised us on scaling, strategic planning, and biz dev. Hiro have been able to make introductions for us that have allowed us to broaden our talent pool and reveal new collaborative opportunities. Being able to break new ground between the worlds of games and TV is all down to Hiro’s extended network with Sky amongst others. Hiro are more than an investor, extending to be a part of the Flavourworks’ family.”

– Jack Attridge, Creative Director

“There is no such thing as “Smart money”, but there are “Smart investors” and that is what we found with Hiro’s team. They help us from a business perspective by advising us and propose different solutions when facing challenges. They are also key in connecting us with the right contacts in the gaming industry. Our success is their success, and the synergy Edgegap and Hiro has makes it for a great partnership.”

– Mathieu Duperré, CEO