Industry legend Ian Livingstone shared his advice on what attracts investors during an interview at the Investment Summit Online, which was broadcasted all day yesterday on our YouTube channel.

In the span of his 45 year long career in the industry, Livingstone co-founded Games Workshop, wrote the Fighting Fantasy series, and launched Eidos. He also financially backed several companies as an angel investor and a partner in VC fund Hiro Capital, including Sumo Group, Playdemic, Mediatonic, Fusebox, Flavourworks and Midoki.

“I turned my passion of playing games into a lifelong career,” he said. “I really enjoy angel investing, helping the new talents start off on what could be an amazing career and an opportunity like none other in this digital world, to make something really special which can appeal to a global audience.”

As a result, he’s developed “quite a rigorous checklist” of what he likes to see in the companies he invests in.